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Saturday, November 25, 2006

From Shopping Horror To Yak Ecstasy

The first part of this post was begun Friday. The last part after Mary alerted me to the Nov 24 post on Julie Zickefoose's blog.

Swami joined the Swamette at The Hall of Horrors, ...oops, I mean the Mall of Sales Friday morning. We accomplished a lot of our Christmas shopping and if the sedatives don't run out I should be recovered by Christmas.

We did save a lot of money though. In fact, I did a couple of quick calculations and at the rate we were saving money, if we could have shopped for a few more hours we could have saved ourselves right into poverty.

The Swami feels that it is his moral obligation to try to easy the tension of Christmas shopping. You are at this very moment probably wondering what will I buy for all of the people on my list.

First stick with quality. Don't get careless and buy a counterfeit product when, for example, what you really want is a genuine Chia Yak.

Buy something that the person would not have gone to the trouble or spent the money to buy for them self. Who wouldn't love a combination gravy ladle/shoe horn or the ever-popular folding toothbrush and earwax removal tool. And how about a heavy-duty hair brush that you and your yak can share (it helps you bond, as you begin to smell similar).

Yes, yes , yes (no, no, no, not that kind of yes). This is a yak yes. We can now all observe to see whether Julie begins a slow transformation from painting birds to painting yaks. Soon she will be letting the birds fend for themselves as she is too busy grooming and housebreaking her yaks. Then she will take up spinning so she can cloth Bill, Phoebe and Liam in yak hair sweaters.
They will all be toasty as they go out this winter to herd the yaks.

I know that the previous paragraph is not likely to happen, since Julie will probably want to housebreak her yaks so that they can join the family in the house. Trust me, this will be a life-changing experience.


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