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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Give Thanks To Your Turkey

About this time every year Swami is always asked the same question: "Swami, how come we always have turkey for thanksgiving dinner and we never have yak?"

Well, first, there is the long explanation: over the years we really grow to feel and treat our yaks like members of the family. Ask yourself, would you want to roast Uncle Roscoe for dinner? Actually, no, I was not speaking to you, Mr. Dahmer. And perhaps crazy old Uncle Roscoe was not a good example.

Think of it this way, it would be difficult to look Zak the Yak in the eye one day while petting his nose and then munch on his brisket the next. Perhaps you dog-lovers can imagine the trauma of seeing Bowser on his back on the serving platter with a poached kumquat in his mouth. Yeah, I thought you'd get the idea.

Then, of course there is the short explanation for why we do not serve yak for Thanksgiving: have you ever tried to baste a yak!! I thought not.

Also, this time of year it would be difficult to find fresh yak in your local supermarket. Do you think Swami is just making this up? Okay, tomorrow you go to your local grocery and ask if they still have any fresh yak in stock. Oh, yeah, and afterward don't go calling The Swami whining about needing bail money.


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