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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

To Every Yak There Is A Season

With colder weather approaching it was time today to take some of the yaks in for service. As I waited for Zak the Yak to be lubed and brushed, I walked around the lot at Salim's Sales & Service.

Their motto: Try a Yak and You'll Never Come Back
  • All yaks Triple-A rated (Aged, Arthritic, & Aromatic)
  • Our exclusive Yak-Back guarantee (every yak comes with a back)
  • Some yaks are suitable for mounting (saddles sold separately)
Also, it is never too early to begin planning for the holidays. In fact, if you are planning to have the whole family over, as we are, for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner of roast yak, you should probably place an order with your local yak shop soon.

Please do not make the mistake that we did one year and wait until it is so late that you are forced to go out at the last minute and buy a frozen yak. The cashier threw her back out trying to scan the UPC code on the yak, and to make matters worse I did not have a copy of the store's ad flyer with me and I was sure that there was a coupon for 50-cents-off frozen yak (one per customer) in that week's paper. Finally, even if you run cool water over it, it could take up to three weeks to thaw!

As we get closer to the holidays, I'll try to find and share some of the traditional recipes and holiday tips that have been passed down through the family.


At 11:53 PM, Anonymous CyberYak said...

I know that you and the lovely Swamette have traveled to Northern Michigan before, any future plans to travel to Yackinac Island? I've heard it's beautiful in the fall.

At 9:49 AM, Blogger Mary said...

Frozen turkeys, frozen yaks and UPC codes. This is too much. LOL!

At 10:16 AM, Blogger The Swami said...

Swami has endeavored to keep his herd away from Yackinac island since the local herd is very inbred due to its insularity.

As for the beauty of the fall, it seems to totally pale in the presence of the lovely Swamette.

At 4:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought the menu for Thanksgiving was stuffed camel. I followed the recipe precisely, that you printed some days ago, but am very disappointed that it only served 149. I want my money back. And would that store motto really be "Yakkity-Yak, Don't Come Back?" I could have sworn that is the one I remembered. Of course, I didn't drink enough yak milk as an urchin, so some brain cells have migrated to my thighs, but I could have sworn...

On another tangent, the Swamette must swoon due to the delicate poetry of your adoring phrases. May you yak together for a long long time.



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