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Monday, January 08, 2007

Is The Swami Ready For A Twelve Step Program?

Well, "they" say the first step to solving a problem is acknowledging that there is a problem. The Swami is at least acknowledging that he might have a problem. The Swami has not yet heard of any supplier of "crack caffeine" but as a close second Swami was supplied for Christmas with some chocolate-covered coffee beans.

Hey, one snack that provides two of the major food groups: chocolate and caffeine. How can you beat that?

When Swami arrived home today, he emptied his pockets and discovered a, Huh ....what is that?!

Well, after examining the object at the left, Swami realized that he had at various times during the day put a vitamin and later a chocolate-covered coffee bean into his suit pocket. Yes, Swami must wear a suit to work. Rest assumed though that Swami's suit and pin-stripe turban make a fine ensemble.

Swami is still in deep thought as to whether this could be the world's next break-thru product: a chocolate-covered coffee bean that is fortified with vitamins!! It's practically a complete meal!

All right, I know that this is not a balanced diet. For that you would have to add: a beaker of yak milk, a hunk of yak cheese and, as a vegetable, a packet of ketchup.

Swami has been keeping an eye on the OSU-Florida football game as he types this. How, you might ask, can The Swami write such meaningful prose and watch TV. You might ask that, but then again you might also need help distinguishing what constitutes great prose. Well, oh wise readers, Swami merely raises the periscope in his turban and turns it toward the TV.

From what Swami has seen so far in the first quarter and a half, it's a good thing that Swamette rolled a couple of extra barrels of fermented yak milk into the cooler.


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