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Monday, January 15, 2007

No Antifreeze For The Weasel

The Swami is doing some deep-breathing as he types. It is supposed to relieve stress and frustration. Oh, I wish.

After speaking with the ever-friendly wireless phone company, I now have exactly the same service and number of minutes as before I began taking to them. However, I am now going to be paying $20.00 less per month. This is good. But why should you have to check periodically to ask if there are better rates, rather than the newer rates automatically applying. Swami really needed something else to keep track of.

With colder weather finally approaching the steppes of outer Ohio, Swami was busy today putting antifreeze in his turban, as well as in his adhesion meter.

Fortunately, some of the old stand-by tools, such as Swami's Garden Weasel, do not require much maintenance. It is a little known fact (and absolutely true) that about 15-20 years ago Swami received a Garden Weasel as an anniversary present from his son's. Swami, who has always been two mules short of a wagon train, had found the name "Garden Weasel" amusing.

Swami's sons had obviously, and wrongly, assumed that such a gift might put an end to such hilarity.

During one of the Winter Olympics I had suggested something along the lines that the ice skaters should have to perform a Triple Lutz while using a Garden Weasel. Trust me, it was much funnier if you had been there. Well, of course, you are thinking: It could not be less funny.


At 10:15 AM, Blogger Mary said...

Whaaaaaat? Katarina Vit hauling around a Garden Weasel?


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