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Monday, November 20, 2006

New O. J. Book May Contain Bombshell Revelation of "Real Killer!"

The new book and interview with O. J. Simpson may contain the bombshell revelation of the "real killer." O. J. Simpson has long said that after being acquitted of the murders of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ron Goldman he would devote his life to finding the "real killer."

O. J. has always claimed that they were murdered by a deranged golf pro, and therefore devoted most of his time to searching golf courses. More recently, however, he has come to believe that they were stalked and murdered by a more sinister, more mysterious beast. (You can see what's coming already can't you?)

In recent months O. J. has concluded, and may be prepared to reveal, that the horrific crime was actually committed not by O. J. but by a pair of demented yaks who were high on weapons-grade yak milk that had been smuggled into the country by Mexican "mules" who were being paid by an Iranian dissident who was on the payroll of the Swiss navy.

Swami knows that some of you many be a little skeptical, but do not be too hasty to dismiss this explanation. If you really think about this, with a completely open , unbiased mind, you will probably realize that the above explanation is far more plausible than the conclusion reached by O. J.'s jury. That, my friends, is a fact!

Yet, there is a flaw. The yaks would be willing to take an FBI lie-detector test, O. J. is not. Plus, all known yaks are more trustworthy than O.J.


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You are too funny! Can't tell you how much I enjoy your rather twisted outlook on life...and I hear you are a financial advisor...hmmmm....care to send me your business card? Most of the advisors I have had in my life financial and otherwise have had no sense of humor at all.


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