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Friday, October 27, 2006

A Night Out In Yakistan

Swami was in New York on Monday and Tuesday, and could not post, or leave inane comments. I was able to brush up, pretty much, on my language skills. I'm sure most of you know that in New York taxi drivers are not allowed to speak English. Well, at least not any version of English that anyone brought up in an English-speaking country has ever heard.

In fact, Swami felt very confident after returning that he could take the lovely Swamette to dinner to celebrate his return --- and order in the local dialect. We,...er,... I chose a quaint little Yakistani bistro just down the valley from where we winter the yak herd. They have a very good selection of vintage fermented yak milk and we wanted to dine on their Thursday special: Three-Cheese Weasel.

I felt confident enough after my taxi-tested Yakistani language refresher that I complimented the owner on the appetizer he prepared: a yak fat smoothie. Unfortunately, Swami forgot the distrimulative case that is used with the dialect spoken in this 17 hectare area of Yakistan.

Instead of saying, "The yak fat is exquisite,"
my comment translated as:
"This tastes exactly like week-old bloated hyena, and your wife looks like she was traded for a herd of rabid camels in an unregulated bazaar."

After a somewhat hasty departure, Swamette fixed us a traditional home cooked meal of stuffed camel. If you would like the recipe, which Swamette whips up frequently, it is here.


At 11:11 PM, Blogger Susan Gets Native said...

I was wondering when that recipe would show up here.
Can Swamette cook that for us on Thanksgiving this year?


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