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Friday, November 17, 2006

Crack Yaks From History

In Thursday's post Swami mentioned several illustrious yaks from the past. That caused me to remember some other facts I learned when studying history many years ago.

You might have, understandably but incorrectly, assumed that the yaks on the "Mayflower" were the first yaks in North America. Wrong-o, bison-breath.

Long before that, a yak from an area of Mongolia known as Huan-ka (which the yaks referred to merely as "ka") had made the first solo crossing of the Atlantic in a small boat.

Even to this day this kayak is remembered the world-over for his boating skills.

Another yak that is known to many, and is almost god-like in the eyes of oriental chefs, is Terrance D. Yak. Terrance, at a very young age, became tired of chowing down on the same old weeds week after week, month after month, year af....--you get the idea. So, for a few of his closest yak friends he began preparing much finer cuisine. Soon the yak herders were copying his recipes, as were others as far away as Japan. They did give credit to Teri (as he was known by his closest yak and yak-herder friends). You may have even had a Teri-yak type dish. Or perhaps one that his sister Suki later developed.

Finally, Swami has been asked many tim..., ah, a couple of times, ....well, actually Swami has often wondered if there are yak related medications that we should be taking. One of the most widely used yak meds is made by cooking down a couple of vats of yak fat until it is very thick. Then it is sun-dried and ground up into a fine powder.

This is not for everyone, so "Ask Your Doctor if Yak Crack is Right for You."


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