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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Get Out Your Checkbooks

Swami is feeling really great. Just got back from voting. It is so heartening to have such a fine selection of candidates to choose from. I also voted for several issues that will raise our taxes. I feel very good about that though, since I know that all of our tax money will be spent wisely.

NO, no, I can't go on. You can tell I've been on the fermented yak milk again can't you?
Arrrrggh. What choices.

Well, there is only one answer. The Swami and his friendly yak herders are going to form a Political Action Committee: Friends of the Yaks. We will hire the best sleazy lobbyists available to take us on junkets to Mongolia and other fun places.

All contributions should be fully tax-deductible since our goals, in addition to enjoying ourselves, would be to buy political influence by plying politicians with fermented yak milk. The results should be very beneficial to our country. Just think, if we could keep all of our elected officials half-in-the-bag on fermented yak milk, they would be able to do less damage to the country.

I can already sense a groundswell of support for Friends of the Yaks.


At 11:43 PM, Blogger Susan Gets Native said...

"Friends of the yaks"....
FOTY for short!


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