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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Lazy Yak Herder Caught Plagiarizing Himself

All right, I confess, most of what follows was copied from a Comment post that I made on the blog of "Susan Gets Native."

I was doing fine, no need for extra meds,....UNTIL I read -llm's post about: "the retailers..." ARRRRrrrrgh..."

Some of those knuckle-headed, money-grubbing swine (am I getting carried away) put up Christmas [oops, they generally call them "holiday"] decorations in October or earlier. Yesterday Swamette and I had an "interesting" retail experience. We went into a Macy's to look for shoes for Swamette. Locally this store used to be Shillito's, which became Lazarus, which then became Macy's.

The Lovely Swamette has some difficulty finding comfortable shoes since she has somewhat WIDE feet, that I believe came directly from the old country (Calabria, Italy). Still, Swamette had often been able to find a few wide styles at Lazarus. This was apparently the first time she had looked for shoes there since the the local Lazarus was converted into a Macy's. After looking at most of the displays and finding nothing, Swamette asked a lady who worked in that department if they had any shoe styles in wide.

The saleslady said that Macy's [at least at Dayton Mall] does not carry wides, only mediums. This was a case where the person said something, but their demeanor added an entirely different, additional meaning. She seemed to be saying: We are too upscale to cater to peasants with wide feet. If you are going to shop here you should either have medium feet or have enough money to get your feet made into mediums.

You would be annoyed also if you could see how frustrating it is to Swamette when the only thing in most shoe departments that fit her feet are the empty shoe boxes. I have to admit that it is also somewhat embarrassing when we go to the grocery and Swamette has to shuffle down the aisles wearing shoe boxes, and when she runs while playing tag with the grandchildren. It is not a pretty sight.

Well, I guess that we will have to go back to getting Swamette's shoes from a blacksmith.

Have to stop now to do some deep breathing and relax.


At 9:16 AM, Blogger Mary said...

Thanks for the Monday morning giggle. Poor Swamette! I should wear wide but I force my feet into mediums because they are hard to find in a size 6! Imagine what a wide 6 looks like...tiny duck paddles.


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