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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Patriotic Yaks

Here is the photo that Blogger would not let me post last night. I'm sure you agree, it was well worth waiting for.

As you can clearly see, there is a Tree Yak that all these people are looking at. The yak is near the center of the tree about 12.7 ft up the tree. It is somewhat difficult to see since it is about three-quarters of the way into its nest.

Tree yaks are very shy which is why it is so rare to see them.

With Thanksgiving just a week away, we should pause to reflect on some of the reasons we should be giving thanks to our yaks and yaks from the past.

It is a (very) little known fact that George Washington's yak accompanied him when he crossed the Delaware on December 25. 1776. Had it not been for the help provided by his yak we might all be pledging allegiance to Prince Charles, and eating steak and kidney pie.

We also owe much to several brave yaks who helped drive the Taliban from Kabul during Operation Sleazy Weasel. Well, it looked like they were driving them since the yaks were in the cabs of the pickup trucks the Taliban were fleeing in.

Finally, a recent linguistic study of documents relating to the Pilgrims revealed a surprising "yak fact." Many of the passengers on the "Mayflower" were dyslexic. This caused several of the early chroniclers of the Pilgrim's voyage to mis-transcribe the actual name of the ship, which was Yak-flower, as Mayflower. The ship had actually been christened for a lovely female yak named "flower." Be sure to teach your children this so they will amaze (or is dumbfound a more appropriate word) their teachers.


At 12:10 AM, Blogger Susan Gets Native said...

Swami, I think you mean DYSLEXIC.

No need to thank me.


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