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Monday, October 16, 2006

Taking Umbrage to New Heights

More proof that animals are much smarter than we normally assume. I saw a headline today, "Buffalo still fixing powerlines after snow blast." Well, as any true yak herder knows, a yak is far more intelligent than a buffalo. Just ask one. A yak herder, not a buffalo, you ninny! Yaks, as most people realize, are probably the smartest house pets you can have. The Swami would take umbrage with anyone saying otherwise ---- except that my yaks have cleared the nearby meadows of the last umbrage to be found, save for the umbrage provided by my turban.

So with winter almost upon us, it is time to teach your yak how to restore power in the event of an outage.

We would highly recommend that you not spend a lot of time teaching your yak how to read wiring diagrams until after you have finished teaching him how to climb an electric utility pole. Also, The Swami would appreciate it if you would contact him immediately after your yak has mastered pole climbing so that I can watch for the two of you on the Letterman Show.


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