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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Fight Exorbitant Oil Profits; There is an Alternative.

The Swami has enjoyed the warmer weather the last few days. It sort of reminds him of the warm spell in the spring of 22,754 B.Z. (Obviously even the unschooled realize that that refers to the period Before Zak the yak); naturally, there are the politically correct fanatics who refer to that period as BZE (Before the Zakian Era).

As the price of gas has crept back up, Swami has once again become concerned about the cost of transportation. Logically*, Swami knows that there must eventually be something to replace the infernal combustion engine. We logically* know that our grandchildren, and perhaps our children, will one day have to find an alternative means of travel.

Swami, despite being a financial adviser, has refrained from making investment recommendations on his blog. Now, however, Swami feels that he would be remiss if he did not suggest that at least a portion of everyone's portfolio be invested to profit from the transportation of the future. So just remember that you can be earning dividends even as your grandchildren and their children ride to work and school ... on their yaks.

What were you expecting: turban-powered taxis?? Actually, I believe that they have those already in New York City.

*Excuse me, folks; if you are looking for logic, you have come to the wrong place.


At 9:57 AM, Blogger NatureWoman said...

Big surprise Swami pushing the use of yaks! Need some specs though. How fast can you make a yak go? How much fuel does a yak require? Do they need yak shoes?

At 7:20 PM, Blogger The Swami said...

Sorry, for the rushed answer, but Swami is busy.

Fast...yak.....Hmmm, personally, I never have my yaks fast. Swami lets them graze all they want. Regular grass. Zak gets about a mile per bushel of grass and gallon of water. As a bonus, we get a half gallon of yak milk per mile plus methane that can be used to heat the yurt.


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