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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Swami, Where Art Thou?

If you are a faithful follower of The Swami here at Yak Herder Central, and have been checking daily for updates, you may have noticed that it has been almost four years since my last post.  If you had not noticed, and had been checking daily, seek immediate therapy.  No, Swami has neither been in the witness protection program, nor has he been heavily sedated.  He actually has been writing an almost daily post, however, it was not until recently that the ever-alert Swami noticed that his computer was unplugged and the posts were not being published.
Swami actually has hopes of resuming a somewhat more regular schedule prior to the end of the year.

It is with a feeling of great guilt that I admit that I did not take time to provide guidance to our legislators in Washington.  I know that Swami's words of wisdom would have guided them along a more productive path.  In fact, listening to the ravings of a madman might have been more productive.  Oh wait, I guess that is what they were doing!

Meanwhile, based on Swami's inside sources in Washington, Ted Cruz is getting very excited.  He is close to winning a pallet of beef jerky based on a freindly wager with Mitt Romney that Ted could not get the Republicans' approval rating into single digits.  Stay tuned, February is just around the corner, and Ted is salivating...or is that foaming at the mouth?


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