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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Yak Mail

I had a terrible fright earlier today. I feared that some calamity had befallen my friend the Yak Herder, when I saw a man in uniform leading what looked like one of his yaks up to my door.

All was well. It was the Yak Post delivering my copy of Letters from Eden. So if I fail to post for a while it is because I am engrossed.

Ok guys, I'm not taking the rap for this alone.
My accomplice, Susan, showed me how to upload
photos --- saving me much time and, no doubt,
contributing to future foolishness.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Border Line Mystery

The Swami is truly mystified. Earlier this evening the Swami visited a Borders bookstore in a suburb of Cincinnati. Three copies of Letters from Eden were face out on the new non-fiction wall display section. Upon leaving the store a little later, The Swami noticed that one of the copies had magically appeared, "faced" on the new book table just inside the front door.

Most curious.

The Swami was pleased for Julie, but most distressed that he was unable to find Housebreaking Your Yak.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Yak Herder Has Arrived

The first words of wisdom to be posted here are recommendations for all of my faithful readers (those of you who have been checking this blog daily since it was created in October of 2004) to check out the following blogs:


Now, within the next two years I'll try to post links in a sidebar. I'll ask my daughter-in-law Susan to help me. First she will have to recover from the shock of discovering that I actually had a blog (at least registered) a full YEAR before she did!!