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Friday, March 16, 2007

Drive On, Swamette!!

Anyone who has read many of The Swami's posts, knows that Swamette drives Swami crazy. In the best sense of the words.

Swamette, it has been noted by some, associates a lot with a known bird-brain. It is definitely true that Swamette has always loved and fed the birds. And, over the past year or two, she has become even more interested in our fine feathered friends. It brings back memories of the first time Swami encountered a Pterodactyl, with her delicate brow feathers, outside his cave. Well, that's another story.

Swami has long thought that The Lovely Swamette deserved unique transportation befitting her exalted station. Swami's first idea was for something stylish, yet understated. Something along the lines of a more feminine version of the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile. She did not go for that idea. Probably because it would not fit in the garage.

Swami then suggested a tasteful Swamette pennant that could fly from a flag holder on the front bumper of her car. Swamette, ever-particular, said no.

Well, folks, there was only one solution:

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Fight Exorbitant Oil Profits; There is an Alternative.

The Swami has enjoyed the warmer weather the last few days. It sort of reminds him of the warm spell in the spring of 22,754 B.Z. (Obviously even the unschooled realize that that refers to the period Before Zak the yak); naturally, there are the politically correct fanatics who refer to that period as BZE (Before the Zakian Era).

As the price of gas has crept back up, Swami has once again become concerned about the cost of transportation. Logically*, Swami knows that there must eventually be something to replace the infernal combustion engine. We logically* know that our grandchildren, and perhaps our children, will one day have to find an alternative means of travel.

Swami, despite being a financial adviser, has refrained from making investment recommendations on his blog. Now, however, Swami feels that he would be remiss if he did not suggest that at least a portion of everyone's portfolio be invested to profit from the transportation of the future. So just remember that you can be earning dividends even as your grandchildren and their children ride to work and school ... on their yaks.

What were you expecting: turban-powered taxis?? Actually, I believe that they have those already in New York City.

*Excuse me, folks; if you are looking for logic, you have come to the wrong place.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What's In A Name?

Anyone who knows The Swami knows that Swami thinks that nicknames are silly. That is, except when they are meaningful which, of course, all of the ones used by Swami are.

This is noteworthy since today, Lewis Libby, an assistant to the Vice President of the United States was convicted on four counts of being an adult with a ridiculous nickname : Scooter. Ladies and Gentlemen, it should be of utmost concern to all citizens when the advisers and highest elected officials in the nation are people with names like Scooter, Moonbeam and The Decider.

The Swami-client relationship, which is a sacred one, prohibits The Swami from disclosing the extensive list of actual nicknames [all meaningful] that apply to Swamette. Most of these nicknames are even suitable for mixed company.

Swami realized many years (decades? Millennia?) ago that there were no words to convey the sweetness of Swamette. Hey, you try to find a word that means: The Sweetness of Swamette!

Swami has checked everything from the Oxford English Dictionary to early texts in Cuneiform and Sanskrit to find a word that translates as: World's Sweetest Human Being. Thus, Swami has had to create his own words. I would expound upon this subject even more, but it is way past time to chase Swamette through the meadow.