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Friday, July 11, 2008

When Times Get Tough, Turn to The Swami

Due to inflation and the uncertain economy, The Swami feels compelled to provide his usual, helpful, advice to those who are less fortunate. Since Swami is married to the young and lovely Swamette, everyone is less fortunate.

One of the ways to economize is to move somewhat further down the gourmet scale when dining out. If your budget no longer lets you eat at fine-dining establishments such as White Castle or Jack-in-the-Box, there are a number of helpful guidelines when choosing an unfamiliar restaurant.

Things to be Wary of When Dining Out:
  • Chef's hobby is raising cadaver dogs
  • Kitchen appears decorated with crime-scene tape
  • Majority of diners slumped over tables
  • Special-of-the-Day: Porcupine on a Stick
  • Waiter uses gasoline to flambe dessert
  • Wine list includes Ripple
  • Poison Control Center on speed-dial
  • Accepts only the Nigerian Express Card
  • Condiments include Raid
Obviously the biggest reason to avoid a restaurant is: they do not serve yak milk.

For those of you seeking somewhat more conventional budget, financial and general interest information, you might try: http://www.walletpop.com
where my oldest son, Geoff, among others, writes several articles a day.